Behind The Brand




My name is Lacey Marshall and I am the creator behind the brand Wildflower Stitchin. I live on a farm in the small town of Rapid City Manitoba with Derek and our beautiful daughter Maci Kathryn.




Horses, barrel racing and roping have always been a huge part of our lives. When my parents were rodeoing, my mom was known for making all her own western shirts, they were all one of a kind. Growing up, she continued to make them for us.

With my creative personality, I always wanted to try making my own western shirts and I wanted to learn from the best. My mom and I had bought some fabric to do just that! Unfortunately, our time was cut way too short and we never got around to it before she passed away from a long battle of cancer in September 2015.



It was in the fall of 2018 that I came across that same bag of fabric that we had bought together. I decided to teach myself. With the inspiration of my mom, making one of a kind western shirts grew into Wildflower Stitchin. I picked the name for two reasons, both my mom and I loved wildflowers, and I wanted my shirts to spread like wildflowers!



Never did I think my business would take off the way that it has. I am now making shirts full time and I get so much joy out of creating western shirts for clients! I hope to expand and one day have a kids line.


Thank you everyone for all the love and support! I am so excited about all the new shirts coming out this year! I look forward to seeing them in and out of the arena!!




            “In a world of roses be a Wildflower” - unknown author